So, are you In or are you Out?

It rained, Monday through Friday, in our patch of England. Proper rain, with barely a break to shake off the drips.  Nice weather for ducks. And farmers, so I’m not complaining. In fact none of us are complaining as much as we usually do: The weather has lost top billing as a topic of conversation. We can’t blame it on the European Union, you see. Although, thinking on, that wet weather front did come over from France… hmm.

“So, are you In or are you Out?” That question is our new conversation opener.You might be in the pub or at the supermarket checkout; everyone’s asking. How strange, and how very unEnglish. I’ve had proper, frank discussions with the postman, and taken part in a group debate in my pilates class. I think we’re trying to fill the dearth of frank discussion and debate coming from our ‘leaders’. They’ve become our weathermen, spouting a lot of forecasts that we don’t believe in. Except they’re calling them facts, and even the weathermen know better than to do that.

Me? I’m both, or neither. It depends which moment you catch me in and I know I’m running out of time to make my mind up. I suggested to The Farmer that one of us vote ‘In’ and the other ‘Out’. That way, whatever happens, it won’t be our fault, you see.

My highly suspect, unofficial straw poll, would indicate that the majority vote will go to “I haven’t got a bloody clue.” Will we get that option on the ballot paper?

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