Barny Update – my stairway to heaven

I’m all about stairs this week. It started so well because, for once, I knew (almost) exactly what I wanted. And I thought my vision was simple:

  • Black
  • Metal
  • Open treads

Like these pictures I pinned to my Barn Living board…


Aren’t they gorgeous? And not too complicated. It’s not as if I’m asking for this…

super stairs 1

… or this.

super stairs 2

I liked the original stairs.


But they wouldn’t meet building regs and I’m not sure I could scale them balancing a tray of hot choccie and biscuits.

This is a budget staircase for under £2K

budget stairs

It gets you to the first floor and it looks perfectly nice. If I wasn’t hung up on my ‘vision’ I’d happily settle for that.

But onwards and upwards. The first quote for my visionary staircase came in at £18k. And it wasn’t even truly bespoke, just off the shelf parts screwed together. I should have been alerted by the supplier’s Kensington address and the website with artful pictures but zero information.

And as if the price wasn’t outrageous enough, when I told them my budget was less than half the figure they were quoting they offered to meet it! No, thank you kindly. I’ll find someone who hasn’t set out to shaft me.

I’ve whittled it down to four options now…


  1. Buy a cheap (all things being relative) wooden staircase. Paint it black, fit and add the balustrade ourselves. My guess is about £3k all in. Yay, under budget.
  2. The only ‘economy’ metal staircase I found online (Max Stairs). They measure and fit but it crept over budget (plus, I don’t really like it).
  3. This beauty from Challenge EngineeringI’m still waiting for the quote. Pigs might fly, but I’m hopeful.
  4. And my current favourite from Abbot-Wade (by far the most efficient of the companies I’ve spoken to). It comes measured, engineered and fitted by them. A quality product in black stained oak… and well over budget.

I’ll finish off with a news-flash pic of our barn wearing its shiny-new, under-budget roof. Hmm, maybe I can afford that Kensington staircase after all.DSC_0272



2 thoughts on “Barny Update – my stairway to heaven

  1. Coo! £18K – as my husband said when I told him, that’s the price of a car 🙂 Anyway, it’s all looking good and you’ll get there with the stairs (literally and figuratively), I’m sure. Good luck and keep the updates coming!


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